Introducing Mitsubishi Diamond-Gard starters. A new line for us. These starters are guaranteed from the manufacturer if they fail they will replace them, no questions asked.

The Diamond Power S60, released just last year, is an enhanced version of the DP S55 for engines introduced since 2010 that benefit from higher cranking speeds and more torque than prior starters. It was developed specifically as an upgrade replacement for the Remy 39MT+ for the Detroit Diesel 13/15/16 liter engines. The DP S60 does crank faster and with more torque, plus it draws less current, has 3 times the corrosion-resistance, and yet is nearly the same size and weight. The DP S60 is the only starter PACCAR uses as the O.E. starter for their top-of-the-line PACCAR MX13 engine. The DP S60 is available in our Diamond Gard All-Makes program, which provides coverage of nearly every truck/engine combination since 1998.

These starters endure extended cranking times for those stubborn vehicles that just won’t start. Contact us or drop by today!